This isn’t Hollywood…

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Sebastian Torres – Ecology Project International (EPI) Instructor Sebastian Torres is originally from mainland Ecuador, but has worked in the Galapagos for 15 years. He is currently an instructor with Ecology Project International, an organization that works with teenagers on conservation projects in the Galapagos. Sebastian thinks sharks are “awesome” and nothing like what he […]

Shark “Massacres” Happen Every Day…We Just Don’t Hear About It

In the 30 years since I first arrived on the Galápagos Islands as a wide-eyed biology student, I have seen plenty to keep my eyes popping. I’ve witnessed some of nature’s most impressive wildlife spectacles — vast schools of hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini), grand aggregations of Galápagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis) and even ‘mini-schools’ of the ocean’s biggest fish, […]

Experiencing sharks…

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Angel Quimis – Dive Master, Wreck Bay Dive Center Angel used to be a fishermen, but decided to change professions and become a diver. He is now a Dive Master and is in charge of diving operations at Wreck Bay Dive Center. Angel believes there is nowhere else on earth where you can see sharks […]

Surrounded. Fear to understanding…

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Gustavo Tamayo Olaya – Galapagos Naturalist Guide Gustavo works on San Cristobal island as a naturalist guide. Whether it be on land or in the water, he is dedicated to teaching his passengers about nature and showing them the beauty of the islands. Gustavo loves sharks, especially the hammerheads.   Producer/Editor: Natalie Sasser Director/Cinematographer: Sarah […]

Los Tiburones de Galapagos

My first encounter with sharks in the Galapagos was interesting, for lack of a better term. It wasn’t because it was my first time swimming with sharks (it was) and it wasn’t because the I’m-in-the-Galapagos high had just kicked in on the day we pulled up to Kicker Rock (no pun intended) off the island […]

First time with a hammerhead…

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Gonzalo ‘Chalo’ Quiroga – Owner, Chalo Tours & Diving Gonzalo or ‘Chalo’ runs his tourist agency on the island of San Cristobal. He started as a dive master and eventually opened the first dive center on the island. He doesn’t dive anymore, but he remembers his first encounters with sharks.   Producer/Editor: Natalie Sasser Director/Cinematographer: […]

The Hidden Lives of Sharks


The human body naturally tenses at the sight of two tonnes of sleek muscle surrounding ten rows of serrated teeth — signalling a rush of adrenaline. The sight of a tell-tale dorsal fin slicing through the water, the torpedoed outline disappearing into the deep, invokes a mixture of exhilaration and unbridled fear. Sharks innately incite […]

Shark graphics

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Giant jaws with rows of teeth, aggressive sharks jumping with gaping mouths, scientific illustrations with smiling toothy sharks… these were the shark graphics I was used to seeing. I spent a lot of college weekends combing Maryland and Virginia beaches searching for fossils. Sharks continually loose their teeth and they preserve well, making them one […]

Diving with sharks


Nearly 1000 km west of the Ecuadorian coastline lies a set of islands, situated at the intersection of three distinct ocean currents. The region’s unusual proximity supports an incredibly dynamic marine ecosystem, including some 3000 marine species and one of the highest levels of endemism in the world. The waters surrounding the Galápagos islands harbor […]

First encounter – Kicker Rock

Kicker Rock

Passionate for the ocean and all the beautiful creatures in it, I couldn’t have been more excited to have the opportunity to travel to one of the most biodiverse places in the world – the Galapagos islands. The islands have countless jaw-dropping sights on land, but as a diver I was most interested in exploring […]

Sharks in open water


I have always been fascinated with sharks, but never thought I’d have the opportunity to swim with them in open in water. When the opportunity came to shoot a documentary on their lives and impact on the Galapagos, I jumped at the chance to face the potential fear and study these incredible creatures. A bit […]