Welcome to Shark Amigos.

This project started as course work at American University in Washington, DC. The class combines the schools of Communication, International Policy, and Environmental Science. After a semester of research and study, we spent 12 days in the Galapagos learning from the residents and collecting media.

We were excited to hear first hand how much visitors and residents of the Galapagos value their sharks. While they may not always see eye to eye on a lot of issues, fishermen, scientists, and dive guides all shared with us their respect for the shark, and the economic importance of shark preservation. There is also a frustration that current bans regarding catching sharks and other illegal fishing in the Galapagos are not effectively enforced.

It is our goal to share their story and encourage positive pressure on governments and consumers around the world to protect sharks.

Please contact us if you have a Galapagos shark story you would like to share or resource suggestions.


Thank you,

Sarah Gulick – MFA, Film & Electronic Media

Simone Lewis-Koskinen – MS, Environmental Science

Sherri Liang – MA, Global Environmental Policy

Danika Owsley – Film & Media Arts, International Relations

Natalie Sasser – MFA, Film & Electronic Media



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